The USCJ Digital Marketplace

All the Vendors Your Jewish Community Needs in One Convenient Site

Now USCJ synagogues, their staff, and congregants can easily access a broad range of vendors and professional service providers in one convenient online marketplace. No hunting through lists in the office or relying on your network for information—it’s all here with a few clicks or taps.
The USCJ Digital Marketplace


The USCJ Digital Marketplace


he USCJ Digital Marketplace


he USCJ Digital Marketplace


Unique Vendor Marketplace Streamlines Your Search

Many of the vendors on the USCJ Marketplace have worked with our congregations for years, they speak your language and make it easy to do business with them. In many cases, USCJ synagogues will be eligible for special vendor discounts as a marketplace member.

Easy Access to Needed Services

The USCJ Digital Marketplace

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The USCJ Digital Marketplace

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The USCJ Digital Marketplace

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Become a Marketplace Vendor

Market your goods and services to the USCJ community throughout North America. Expand your sales and marketing and reach a network of congregations, camps, schools, and organizations. As an approved vendor, you’ll be able to upload materials and submit images to enhance your vendor listing. We offer basic listings and featured listings. Register as a vendor for more information–and start selling to USCJ communities.

he USCJ Digital Marketplace
Benefits of the USCJ Marketplace

Don’t waste time hunting around for what your Jewish community needs. With USJC Marketplace, you save time and, in many cases, money as well. You only have to visit one place to shop multiple vendors, compare prices easily, and find cost-saving discounts offered only to USCJ accounts.

USCJ Marketplace Vendor Categories

Accounting and Finance
Artist in Residence
Books & Education
Building Supplies
Cantor in Residence


Energy Savings
Fundraising & Development
Information Technology


Office Supplies

Scholar in Residence
School Furniture
Synagogue Furnishings


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